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On The Bench in Alamitos Heights Long Beach

Homeless in Long Beach No More.

We have a special resident in Alamitos Heights, Christine Barry who is taking a Proactive approach to solving our Local Homeless Crisis. She uses her own money and recently started a Go fund Me page, to help,. She is in the process of setting up a 501c3 Non-Profits.

Click Here to donate to her Fund Ashlees Homeless Fund by Christine Barry

Christine was able to help Chris get off the Street and start over. It is a great story of success, please watch the entire video

Off Market Sale

What is an ” Off Maket Sale” ?

This usually means a home sold that was not on the open market or in the MLS. This is a great way to buy a home without “Competition”

I have done a many Off Market Sales. Below is a recent one.

If you are looking for a Home,  and don’t want to compete with other Buyers, give me a call.

Cool Roofs and Roof Maintenance

I want to share my new “Cool Roof” with you. This came about when we had a pinhole size leak in a roof vent that dripped into our Master Closet. After that DIY repair. I looked into roof coatings. I have an almost flat roof on the back half of my house. In the summer time, the family room below this roof is a cooker, even with 8″ of insulation, it is hot.  This all brought me to the “Cool Roof”. This is an elastomeric coating in a super bright white, that reflects the sun and reduces heat.




If you need a coating, call Jack at ” Roofs by Jack 562-310-5788.


And remember, if you are thinking about buying or selling in Alamitos Heights, call the Craig Wallace Group of Keller Williams. 562-673-1138