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Cool Roofs and Roof Maintenance

I want to share my new “Cool Roof” with you. This came about when we had a pinhole size leak in a roof vent that dripped into our Master Closet. After that DIY repair. I looked into roof coatings. I have an almost flat roof on the back half of my house. In the summer time, the family room below this roof is a cooker, even with 8″ of insulation, it is hot.  This all brought me to the “Cool Roof”. This is an elastomeric coating in a super bright white, that reflects the sun and reduces heat.




If you need a coating, call Jack at ” Roofs by Jack 562-310-5788.


And remember, if you are thinking about buying or selling in Alamitos Heights, call the Craig Wallace Group of Keller Williams. 562-673-1138


New Listing at 535 Santiago Avenue

This is a great new remodel. if you would like to know more about this home, give me a call. If you are thinking about moving to Alamitos Heights and have question about the area, I am here to help.

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The Craig Wallace Group specializes in Alamitoa Heights Homes.  Craig Wallace is a 20 year resident of AH, a Realtor and Certified Appraiser.

Cost of Land in Alamitos Heights?

I often get asked what the Land Value or Lot Value is in Alamitos Heights. Well now we have two good comps for that. Both have recently had the structures demolished

The most recent is 5473 E. 4th Street. This property recently sold for $703,000. The lost Size was 6,483 SF. The original List price was $850,000, then dropped to $749,900. The Cost per SF of land is $108/sf.


5473 4th street alamitos Heights


4th street Alamitos Heighs long beach

The second property was 5525 e. 4th Street, this sold back in June of 201 for $711,000. It was originally listed for $725,000. The lot size is 6,483 Sf. This works out to $110 SF (rounded)


5525 4th street Alamitos Heights



20150528_112425[1] 20150528_084606[1]



It will interesting to see what is built on these two lots, Stay tuned.

Remember, if you are thinking about selling or buying in Alamitos Heights, contact me, I am the Local Expert, a Resident and a Certified Appraiser.


Marine Stadium Farmers Market

One of the best things about living in Alamitos Heights is the Wednesday Farmers Market.

I hope you enjoy this video that was shot and edited by a local Alamitos Heights teenager.




Remember, if you are thinking of selling, now is a great time. Call me for a free private evaluation of your home and a market update. Remember, I am a Alamitos Heights Resident since 1996. A Realtor, and Certified Appraiser.


Have you seen the remodel going on a 400 Los Altos Avenue?  Nick and Holloand Brown moved from Manila to this location last year. They are building a “Green Remodel” They have a website for the project

They will be hosting an open house for all to attend this Sunday from 1-3pm

400 los altos avenue alamitos heights long beach


If you are thinking about selling your house, and would like to know the current market value or discuss a sales plan, call or email me. If you know someone who wants to move to our wonderful neighborhood, call me, I would be happy to help find them a home. Remember, I am a  Long Beach Real Estate Agent, Certified Appraiser, and a resident of Alamitos Heights, Long Beach.  I know values. Call me for all your Real Estate needs 562-673-1138


Simms Pond


If you are like me, you have driven by Simms Pond on the corner of Loynes and PCH for years, and have only seen it through the fence.

Well, thanks to readers of this blog that asked if I knew anything about it, I called the man who does, Lenny Arkinstall of the Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewards to arrange a visit.

A very brief History:

Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s there was a Bait Shop at the corner of Loynes and PCH called Simms Bait and Tackle. hence the name Simms Pond. Then in 1977/78, developers wanted to build homes in what is now Del Lago and BayHarbour. As a condition for these developments, the California Coastal Commission required that Simms Pond be set aside for a Biological Reserve. In 2003 the Del Lago Community Association and the Bay Harbour HOA deeded the land to the city.

The pond is what they call a seasonal “vernal pool”, meaning it will be dry at sometime during the year.  Lenny informed me that the pond is the healthiest it has ever been and that the drying of the pond by the drought this year has actually helped to air out and repair the soil.

The pond is home to many species of birds and wildlife. (Click here simsbirds 2013 – Final v 1 1 (2) )

After 25 years of driving past the pond, it was a treat to be able to see it up close. This really is a hidden gem in the city of Long Beach.

If there is enough interest, we can arrange a group tour. But for now, enjoy the pictures






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