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The Second Alamitos Heights Neighborhood Clean Up

We had our second clean up this past weekend, October 14th. We got a Dumpster for everyone to bring their trash. We set up on the corner of 6th Street and Santiago Avenue.

This seems to be a big hit.  The first time we did this a few months ago, the dumpster was full by 11am. We also coordinated that one with the neighborhood yard sale.

We plan to do this every 3 to 4 months. I would like to thank Monte Cofell of 4C Development, Doug Freeman of Arbor Financial. Also super neighbors Dan Passage and Christine Barry

Here are some pictures for the most recent event,  and video from the first event.

20171014_102403 20171014_102423 20171014_102420 20171014_102355

Remember, when you are looking to buy or sell in Alamitos heights or anyplace in Long Beach, contact the Craig Wallace Group 562-673-1138.  I am a Realtor and Certified Appraiser. I have lived in Alamitos Heights for 21 years.



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Cool Roofs and Roof Maintenance

I want to share my new “Cool Roof” with you. This came about when we had a pinhole size leak in a roof vent that dripped into our Master Closet. After that DIY repair. I looked into roof coatings. I have an almost flat roof on the back half of my house. In the summer time, the family room below this roof is a cooker, even with 8″ of insulation, it is hot.  This all brought me to the “Cool Roof”. This is an elastomeric coating in a super bright white, that reflects the sun and reduces heat.




If you need a coating, call Jack at ” Roofs by Jack 562-310-5788.


And remember, if you are thinking about buying or selling in Alamitos Heights, call the Craig Wallace Group of Keller Williams. 562-673-1138


New Listing at 535 Santiago Avenue

This is a great new remodel. if you would like to know more about this home, give me a call. If you are thinking about moving to Alamitos Heights and have question about the area, I am here to help.

6W0A1104_5_6_7_8 6W0A1264_5_6_7_8 6W0A1289_90_91_92_93 6W0A1301_2_3_4_5


The Craig Wallace Group specializes in Alamitoa Heights Homes.  Craig Wallace is a 20 year resident of AH, a Realtor and Certified Appraiser.

Chiney Sweep just like in Mary Poppins!

So this is somewhat embarrassing. I have never had my Chimney Cleaned since we bought our house.

I decided this was the year.

Here are a few reason why you should have your Chimney Cleaned Yearly

  • Remove soot
  • Remove built-up creosote
  • Check for cracks

Built up Creosote forms a layer on the interior of the chimney. Over time, this can build up and restrict the flow. Worse, the Creosote can catch fire, resulting in intense heat that can spread and potentially catch your home on fire. Not Good.


So, I called Chuck First Chimney Sweep. He used to own the Fireplace shop by the 49rs Tavern on PCH and Bellflower.

Chuck rolled up to the house on his bicycle with all his equipment. It was a total Mary Poppins Experience. Chuck was super nice, did a great job and left everything spotless


Give him a try 562-438-6811

Alamitos Heights year end Stats, new Listing coming up.

I have been trying to get this post out for awhile.  So, lets not waste anymore time!

2014 was good year for AlamitosHeights. We had 24 sales. This keeps up with average we have seen over the past few years and is a consistent rise since 2012.




The Lowest price was $554,000 and the highest price was $1,275,000.  The average price is $901,979, and the Average Days on Market was 69 days.




September has the most closed sales with 4. This means these homes were active during the summer “selling months”. However, April, July and December each had 3 closed sales.  I think the story here is, if you have a home with good appeal to the market it will sell at any time.


My favorite graph is the one below. This is a historical scatter graph that shows all the sales since 2001. You can really see the ups and downs of the market.

 All Sales since 2001

 Something I hear all the time from owners is, “ Zillow says my home is worth, such and such”  Since I am also a Real Estate Appraiser, I find this chart interesting. I always tell people to lean to the conservative side when looking at a Zillow “Zestimate”.  What do you think?


 Some of you may have stopped in while I was holding an open house at 750 Havana Avenue. What was confirmed is that there are A lot of people that want to live in AlamitosHeights.  If you have thought about selling, now is still a good time.



Speaking of selling; I have a new listing that will be coming on the Market on Orlena Ave. This is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a Lap Pool and a Studio off the back of the garage(buyer to verify permits) If you know of anyone looking have the contact me.


What Makes Alamitos Height a great place to live?

What makes Alamitos Heights a great place to live? The neighbors.

The 400-500 block of Los Altos recently had a Pink Flamingo Party. Basically, if a placstic Pink Flamingo shows up on your yard, you have to host a “Bring Your Own ( beer, food, soda) party in your front yard or driveway.

Along this same line, the 300 Block of Los Altos had a Street Drive way party over Labor Day Weekend. This usually starts around 6 and goes to about 10pm. These little gatherings are a great way to meet your neighbors. So get out there and have a Party, but be sure to invite me!

Alamitos Heights Party

Los Altos Avenue Alamitos Heights Long Beach


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Hot Real Estate Market, 4th of July Block Party, Santiago Ave Water Line Repair? Sharks in Colorado Lagoon!

Hipsters in Long Beach

Alamitos Heights is in high demand. There are more buyers then sellers. Good properties are selling within 2 weeks, some faster. I have been holding open houses on a Listing( not mine) on Los Altos Avenue. I am speaking with people that have a strong desire to move into out neighborhood. Some are first time buyers, some coming from Belmont Heights and Belmont Shore. They are drawn here for the schools, the larger lots, the neighborly feel. (nothing new to those of us that live here). What does this mean to you? Values are still moving up.

If you know of anyone, who is slightly thinking about selling, now is the time!

I will be doing a more detailed post of the market in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Once again it was time for the Annual 4th of July Block party on Los Altos Avenue.  The fun started at 2pm and went well into the night with a movie screening. Fire Station 14 came by to cool things down. The kids really loved this.

Alamitos Heights 4th of july Alamitos Heights Block party


What is up with Santiago Avenue?

Things seem to be moving slowly for the valve replacement at the intersection of 4th Street and Santiago Avenue.  I spoke with Louanne Bean, the information contact for the project.  Ms. Bean stated things should be complete in another 3 weeks. Santiago avenue will be open at the end of each workday. If you have any question, call her at 949-293-6193

The Colorado Lagoon is now cleaner then it has been in years. My son and I went fishing on Sunday afternoon and had a great time. We are strictly catch and release. Did you know there are Sharks in the Lagoon? We caught 2, this was a surprise, but nice to see.

Fishin the Colorado Lagoon


If you are thinking about selling your house, and would like to know the current market value or discuss a sales plan, call or email me. If you know someone who wants to move to our wonderful neighborhood, call me, I would be happy to help find them a home. Remember, I am a  Long Beach Real Estate Agent, Certified Appraiser, and a resident of Alamitos Heights, Long Beach.  I know values. Call me for all your Real Estate needs 562-673-1138


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