How many Pools are there in Alamitos Heights, Long Beach?

I was reading a blog that had a story about a German Graphic Designer that wondered how many pools are in the LA Basin(not including the San Fernando Valley),and there are 43,123. Per the Story, Long Beach has a total of 2,859 pools.

He ended up printing a book called The Big Atlas of LA Pools.

This story had me ask the question, “How many pools are there in Alamitos Heights?”

Thanks to Google Maps and Google earth, I was able to count a total of 123 pools. There is also 1 indoor pool that I know of, but never got to swim in.

The breakdown is as follows:

Between 7th and Colorado
Monrovia 4
Orlena 5
Panama 5
Santiago 12
Terraine 13
Havana 12
Los Altos 21
Ultimo 4
Flint 14
Winslow 6
Manila 1
4th 7
6th 0
Between Pch and 7th Street
Santiago 4
Terraine 10
Havana 3
Los Altos 1
Ultimo 1

So what does all this mean? Per Fidelity National Title, there are 702 Homes in Alamitos Heights and only 123  have pools. So, on those hot days in August and September, if you are not one of those 123 home, you better know someone that is.

I think I have been in 8.

Moral here, it pays to know your neighbors.

Here is a video that shows some of the 43123 pools in LA, some in Long Beach

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