Water Line Break in Alamitos Heights


We had a gate valve break on a water line on 4th Street and Santiago Avenue in Alamitos Heights today. I drove by around 2 in the afternoon, and to see water coming up through the pavement.

I came back around 5 pm, and the Long Beach Water Department was hard at work trying to repair the damage. I talked to the supervisor on scene, he said an old Gate Valve (from around 1952) broke. They tried to shut it off,and discovered another was too old and ready to break. LBWD is now going to replace both valves. The water is shut off on 4th Street from Terraine Avenue on the East, to Panama Avenue on the west. They hope to have it repaired by midnight. They said they understand that people have to work, and it is an inconvenience, but to please be patient.

DSC06244 DSC06252

I did some reading on the LBWD webpage about water main breaks. It seems the city has invested over $100 -million to replace the old pipe. in 2012 there were only 22 main breaks in the entire city. This was an all time record low!

water line

This is also a good time to remember that we are still in a draught, and the prediction for rain fall this year does not look good. Please, do your best to conserve.


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