Alamitos Heights Long Beach – Year End Real Estate Recap


Well, it has been a good year for real estate sales in Alamitos Heights. There were a total of 23 sales this year. ( see map for locations). The sales ranged in price from $455,000 (5481 E. 8th Street) to $1,449,000 (426 Monrovia Ave). This large range shows the diversity of property in Alamitos Heights.

When we graph all the sales for the year, we see a steady increase in values. This is good for Sellers and current homeowners. However, this puts pressure on buyers wanting to move into the neighborhood.

We currently have 6 Active listings, 1 pending sale and 1 in back up status. Of these 8 listings, 5 are on Los Altos Avenue alone!  We are going into the new year with about the same amount of listing we had last year. However, the list prices are considerably higher then what was on the market a year ago.

I think the most interesting property on the market at this time is  located at 365 Los Altos Avenue. This is a 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3,244 SF home with an indoor pool.

bettys house

( Click on picture for a larger image)

Please look at the graphs and tables below for  more detailed information.

If you know of anyone looking to buy or if you are interested in selling Please contact me. If would like to know the current value of your home, please call me at 562-673-1138, or email me at

I have been a resident of  AlamitosHeights since 1996. I am Realtor, and a Certified Real Estate Appraiser.  I know Values!


( Click on picture for a larger image)

 year end graph 2013



active pending

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