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Cool Roofs and Roof Maintenance

I want to share my new “Cool Roof” with you. This came about when we had a pinhole size leak in a roof vent that dripped into our Master Closet. After that DIY repair. I looked into roof coatings. I have an almost flat roof on the back half of my house. In the summer time, the family room below this roof is a cooker, even with 8″ of insulation, it is hot.  This all brought me to the “Cool Roof”. This is an elastomeric coating in a super bright white, that reflects the sun and reduces heat.




If you need a coating, call Jack at ” Roofs by Jack 562-310-5788.


And remember, if you are thinking about buying or selling in Alamitos Heights, call the Craig Wallace Group of Keller Williams. 562-673-1138


New Listing at 535 Santiago Avenue

This is a great new remodel. if you would like to know more about this home, give me a call. If you are thinking about moving to Alamitos Heights and have question about the area, I am here to help.

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The Craig Wallace Group specializes in Alamitoa Heights Homes.  Craig Wallace is a 20 year resident of AH, a Realtor and Certified Appraiser.

Chiney Sweep just like in Mary Poppins!

So this is somewhat embarrassing. I have never had my Chimney Cleaned since we bought our house.

I decided this was the year.

Here are a few reason why you should have your Chimney Cleaned Yearly

  • Remove soot
  • Remove built-up creosote
  • Check for cracks

Built up Creosote forms a layer on the interior of the chimney. Over time, this can build up and restrict the flow. Worse, the Creosote can catch fire, resulting in intense heat that can spread and potentially catch your home on fire. Not Good.


So, I called Chuck First Chimney Sweep. He used to own the Fireplace shop by the 49rs Tavern on PCH and Bellflower.

Chuck rolled up to the house on his bicycle with all his equipment. It was a total Mary Poppins Experience. Chuck was super nice, did a great job and left everything spotless


Give him a try 562-438-6811

3rd Quarter Market Update.

So what has been happening in Alamitos Heights?

I tried a new service from to make this great little video below. I did not want to use my voice for the voice over, but next time I will. After a few rounds of revisions, the voice over guy just could not get the correct pronunciation of “Alamitos”. I guess when you grow up in Southern California, you are used to the latin pronunciation of words and you don’t have to think about them.

Now for the update.

We seem to be in a state of  transition, we are not seeing the rapid price appreciation of years past. We hare heading to a more normal market. Values seem to be hitting a plateau.

all sales since 2001

  ( click on picture for larger image)

 If we look at the List price versus Sold price graph below, we can see that the majority of homes are selling below list price, with a few exceptions. One being 528 Havana Avenue, this solf for $200,000 over asking price!  I think it had to do with the fact that this home sits on large lot. The other large lot sale was 680 Havana Avenue. This home could have sold for more, but it is located one house south of 7th Street.

sold v list

 ( click on picture for larger image)

This next chart shows us Sales by month, but what we really like to see is the number of sales per year. This year we have 15 closed sales. With the 3 pending and 3 active listings, we could be on track to end the year with 21 sales. This would put us close to sales of the past 3 years.

sales by year


sale per month per year

( click on picture for larger image)

What does all this mean to you? Simple,  SELL! If you are thinking about selling, now is the time. If you are thinking about buying, now is the time. Mortgage rates are predicted to move up, and when they do, your purchasing power moves down.