Totem Poles in Alamitos Heights


Have you seen the Totem Poles located at 357 Winslow Avenue?

I have always wondered why they are there. So I recently stopped by to ask the homeowner, Harold Whitmore about them.

Harold’s wife Geraldine is a member of the Tlinget Indians. They are a Native American People from the southeastern coast of Alaska.

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Harold wrote the following about the poles

“ To those of you who have past 357 Winslow and wondered about the aging Totem Pole, Craig Wallace, though it would be nice to share the history.  Way back in 1967 the Tlinget Tribe of Alaska won there long lasting lawsuit against the government. So, We had a pot luck get together. The Raven, Frog, Bear and Eagle represent the different people of the tribe that were there. Since we are the ones that hosted the party, and my wife being an Eagle, the Eagle was at the top of the Crest.”

This was a local celebration that Harold and Geraldine had. They invited members of the tribe from all over southern California. Harold carved the pole. Tradition prevents them from restoring the totem.

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The second Totem was  made to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.


Harold also has a Desert Tortoise.


Be sure to stop and take a look.


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